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Macrobid is a brand name for nitrofurantoin, another antibacterial medication.

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Nimodipine is a calcium channel blockerThe contractile processes of smooth muscle cells are dependent upon calcium ionswhich enter these cells during depolarization as slow ionic transmembrane currentsNimodipine inhibits calcium ion transfer into these cells and thus inhibits contractions of vascular smooth muscleIn animal experimentsnimodipine had a greater effect on cerebral arteries than on arteries elsewhere in the body perhaps because it is highly lipophilicallowing it to cross the blood-brain barrierconcentrations of nimodipine as high as 12.5 ng/mL have been detected in the cerebrospinal fluid of nimodipine-treated subarachnoid hemorrhageSAHpatients.

Stop using nimodipine and call your doctor at once if you have any of these serious side effects:

The way to take this medicineIntravenous Store below 25 degrees Celsius Protect from Light Lifetime is 3 Years.

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allergic lupus-like syndrome associated with pulmonary reaction to nitrofurantoin has been reported.

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